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Let Chula Vista Auto Body Fix Your Bumper Like It Was Brand New Again!

When it comes to fixing your car bumper the options may seem endless. Now day there are bumper repair advertisements all over, the thing is… very few can deliver what they promise. So, what is it that they are promising? Well plenty offer mobile service, some offer extremely low prices, others offer the fix to be completed in a couple of hours… really? There are plenty of ways these guys are going about it but the sad part is they’re all wrong.

The Problem With Mobile Bumper Repairs

The problem with a mobile repair is that there is a lack of proper equipment necessary to do the job right. The most important part being that there isn’t a dust free environment to properly apply a high quality paint finish. With out a dust free environment it doesn’t even matter how good the repair and preparation are. Not to mention the mobile repair service might leave you liable for a hefty fine for environmental pollution.

The Problem With Low Prices And “2 Hour Repair”

First of all the old adage is true: You Get What You Pay For. Scam artists always play on human emotion and our willingness to land a great deal, so they’ll happily feed it to you: “Sure, we can fix your car in a couple of hours and it won’t cost you much at all”. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

The Solution: Get Your Bumper Fixed At A Legitimate Auto Body Repair Shop

There is no substitute if you want to get the job done right. This is the better choice anyways because you will get:

  • A Professional Repair
  • A Computerized Paint Match
  • And Most Importantly – A Guaranteed Paint Finish

You will be better off in the long run. Choose Chula Vista Auto Body to fix your car’s bumper, we provide the best auto body repairs in all of San Diego, including the South Bay and Chula Vista, Guaranteed for life!

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